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Your mission

You will be part of two of our product teams, the experience team (B2C) and the recruiting team (B2B), focusing on building the best possible product for our global user community. Your focus will be to work in both app & web. You will join our team to identify areas of improvement and implement best practices as well as to build efficient and reusable components and architect reliable, performant, and scalable solutions


Your responsibility

During the first 12 months this will be your major tasks.

Experience (approx 80% of your time)

  • Further develop & improve collections and creations solution in Web & App, creating a high end experience for our B2C users
  • Support the codebase by building more unit & integration tests.
  • Shares knowledge with the team, mentor junior and other developers in their role.
  • Make technical decisions without supervision. Understand the scope of different codebases and the impacts of those decisions.
  • Come up with new ideas and further improvement of existing codebase without manager push.

Recruitment (approx. 30% of your time)

  • Support team in bug fixing and creating a more reliable solution for our B2B customers.
  • Work together with the PO to further improve our product market fit by building reliable & scalable FE solutions
  • High autonomy while building world class FE solutions.


Your profile

  • 5+ years experience as a Front-end engineer in large applications
  • Required stack: Javascript, Typescript using React, React-Native and Node
  • A plus would be: NextJS and GraphQL
  • Previous experience in working remotely
  • Good English skills

Strong coding skills: You know how to write code and what good quality code looks like. You are able to help the team with any challenge they have and support the improvement of the overall web/app architecture.

Front-end architecture: You don’t only bring solid engineering and coding skills, but also an in-depth understanding of data structures and web architecture in order to build solid solutions that can scale.

Problem solving: You are really good in both solving and executing challenging tasks yourself and helping others to to do (no people management, just from a tech side)

UI/X: You strong perception, understanding and feeling for UI and UX.

À propos de Gronda

Mix of LinkedIn and Instagram for Hospitality Professionals

We are building the No.1 career network for hospitality professionals. Starting in the German-speaking area, we will soon expand our network of over 250.000 professionals to Europe and the world. We would love to get you onboard with our vision to unite every passionate hospitality professional thorugh our platform and help them with their career.

Must Have

Frontend dev profile, JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS, React Native, NodeJS, Team spirit, Good communication, English language

Nice to have

NextJS, GraphQL, UI / UX, Spanish language


Full remote possible. Equity: 0% – 0.125%.

Infos Complémentaires

Location Barcelona • Remote.